The Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (NNGASU) founded the Privolzhsky Scientific Journal in 2006. In compliance with the VAK List approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia the journal accepts for publishing manuscripts of scientific areas (in accordance with the "Nomenclature of scientific specialties for which academic degrees are awarded", approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia):

2.1.1 – Building structures, buildings and constructions;

2.1.3 – Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting;

2.1.4 – Water supply, sewage, building systems of water resources protection;

2.1.5 – Construction materials and products;

2.1.6 – Hydraulic engineering, hydraulics and engineering hydrology;

2.1.7 – Technology and organization of construction;

2.1.9 – Structural mechanics;

2.1.10 – Ecological safety of construction and city economy;

2.1.11 – Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historic and architectural heritage;

2.1.12 – Architecture of buildings and constructions. Creational concepts of architectural activity;

2.1.13 – Town- and rural settlement planning;

2.5.1 – Engineering geometry and computer graphics. Digital product lifecycle support.

All articles are peer reviewed.

Information about scientific events and new publications is presented in the Information section.

Editors of the "Privolzhsky Scientific Journal" invite all interested scientific workers, employees of universities, institutes and scientific organizations, young scientists, post-graduate and doctoral students to a joint work – we wait from you new scientific manuscripts in accordance with the profile of our publication, analytical materials, as well as your suggestions regarding the development of our cooperation.