The Editor-in-chief of the "Privolzhsky Scientific Journal" is Sobol Stanislav Vladimirovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Hydraulic and Transport Structures of the "Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering". He is a member of the editorial board in scientific specialties: "Hydraulic engineering construction, hydraulics and engineering hydrology", " Environmental safety of construction and municipal economy".

Professor Sobol S.V. is a well-known Russian scientist in the field of hydraulic engineering, construction and operation of hydroelectric facilities with reservoirs in difficult natural conditions. Author of scientific research on the interaction of reservoirs with the base and banks in the permafrost area. The results of the work have been implemented at hydropower and water management facilities in Yakutia, Chukotka and other regions of Russia. Member of the Federal Target Program "Revival of the Volga" (1997–2001), the international program "Volga-Rhine" (1998–2006). Author of more than 160 scientific articles, 5 monographs, including the first book in Russia "Reservoirs in the permafrost area" (2007), 12 copyright certificates and patents for inventions. Professor Sobol S.V. are prepared 2 doctors and 5 candidates of sciences.