Privolzhsky scientific journal is included in the new edition of the Higher Attestation Commission List of reviewed scientific publications

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia No. 90-p dated December 28, 2018 based on the recommendations of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, taking into account the conclusions of the relevant expert councils of the Higher Attestation Commission, Privolzhsky Scientific Journal is included in the List of reviewed scientific publications, which should be published the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of sciences, for the degree of doctor of science in the following scientific specialties: Building structures, buildings and constructions (05.23.01); Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting (05.23.03); Water supply, sewage, building systems of water resources protection (05.23.04); Construction materials and products (05.23.05); Hydraulic engineering (05.23.07); Hydraulics and engineering hydrology (05.23.16); Ecological safety of construction and city economy (05.23.19); Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historic and architectural heritage (05.23.20); Architecture of buildings and constructions. Creational concepts of architectural activity (05.23.21); Town- and rural settlement planning (05.23.22).

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