Dear scientists!

Privolzhsky Federal Region is one of the centres of science development in Russia. Modern technologies are developed and many scientific achievements are obtained here. Colleagues from all over the world come to our specialists to conduct jointly complicated researches and work on urgent problems of modern science. To be a Russian scientist is to contact daily with scientific communities in Russia and other countries in the world. The Privolzhsky Scientific Journal established in the capital of the region is assigned to strengthen and promote such contacts. Its task is to consolidate scientific forces of educational and research centres, implement national priority projects.

Russian education and scientific activities should be placed on innovational rails. An effective system of their financing is to be created. I hope that the journal will contribute into the solution of this problem.

One of the directions of the journal may be providing support to scientific youth in practical realization of their knowledge and skills. I wish the journal’s editors success in their professional activity. Let all ideas come true to strengthen educational and scientific potential of our Federal region.

of the President of the Russian Federation
in Privolzhsky Federal Region A.V. Konovalov